Old US dollars

Purchase and exchange of old US dollars.

Do you have old US dollars from the pictures below? See how much you can gain from selling them. Thanks to old-cash.com, you can exchange old dollars for cash.

Dollars of older series, due to very weak collateral, are not accepted in many countries of the world. Old US banknotes, issued by the Federal Reserve before 1996, may not be considered as a means of payment. Exchange of old dollars is also unavailable in many exchange offices and banks around the world.

How and where to exchange old US dollars?

With the help of our service, you can exchange old US dollars, so-called "small heads". The issue of these banknotes began in the 1930s and lasted over half a century. Old dollars were replaced with the 1996 and 2009 series issue. New issues have a characteristic image of US presidents in the so-called "big heads" format.

Just add old dollars to your virtual wallet and fill in the "exchange form" page. Then, send your old banknotes via courier or post to our branch. Within 4 business days of receiving your old notes by the old-cash.com team, we will make a transfer to your bank account.

You can also visit our branch in Warsaw in person, where you can make an immediate exchange without unnecessary formalities. For transactions above the equivalent of EUR 15,000, please inform us in advance about your visit and bring your current photo ID.

We also exchange other circulating and withdrawn currencies from different parts of the world.

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