Old pounds

Purchase and exchange of old British pounds withdrawn from circulation.

Do you have old pounds withdrawn from circulation from the pictures below? If you keep old British pounds in your drawer - exchange them for cash.

Currently, in England, the process of exchanging paper banknotes for a newer polymer version is underway. Older versions of the banknotes have been withdrawn from circulation by the Bank of England and will no longer be able to serve as legal tender. Withdrawn pounds will be replaced with polymer banknotes, which are much more durable and better protected.

The exchange of old pounds is not carried out in local banks and exchange offices. So how and where to replace old British pounds?

Thanks to old-cash.com, you can easily exchange old British pounds and gain new financial opportunities.

Add unused banknotes to your virtual wallet and you'll see how much you get from their exchange. Fill out the “Exchange form” on the website. Then send the old pounds via courier or post to our branch and receive payment by bank transfer. The payment will go to your bank account within 4 business days from the date of receiving your old notes by the old-cash.com team.

You can also visit our branch in Warsaw in person, where you can make immediate exchanges without unnecessary formalities. For transactions above the equivalent of EUR 15,000, please inform us in advance of your visit and bring your current photo ID.

We also exchange other circulating and withdrawn currencies from different parts of the world.

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