Old Swiss Francs

Purchase and exchange of old Swiss francs withdrawn from circulation.

Do you have old Swiss francs withdrawn from circulation from the pictures below? See how much they could be worth and how much you can gain by exchanging them. With the help of our website, you can exchange old francs of series 6, which are no longer being accepted in local banks and exchange offices.

In 2020, SNB, as the central bank of Switzerland, will announce the date of the withdrawal of series 8 from circulation (series 7 was designed but has never been brought into circulation). Old Swiss banknotes will cease to be legal tender. You will not be able to use them to pay for goods and services, nor exchange them in financial institutions. Thanks to our service, you can exchange outdated banknotes of series 8. Withdrawn Swiss francs will be completely replaced by series 9 banknotes with a new graphic design and better security.

How and where to exchange old Swiss francs CHF?

Exchange of old Swiss francs is possible through the old-cash.com website. Add old banknotes to your virtual wallet and fill in the exchange form on the website. Then send the old banknotes via courier or mail to our branch. Within 4 business days of receiving your old notes, we will make a transfer to your bank account.

You can also visit our branch in Warsaw in person, where you can make an immediate exchange without unnecessary formalities. For transactions above the equivalent of EUR 15,000, please inform us in advance of your visit and bring your current photo ID.

We also exchange other circulating and withdrawn currencies from different parts of the world.

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